Case Study
American Textile Recycling Service

ATRS is the nation’s fastest growing textile recycler. Committed to keeping textiles out of landfills, they provide easy, convenient clothing & shoe donation bins nationwide.


We’re partnering together, leveraging new technologies, to solve their logistics management needs for over 10,000 donation bins across 20 U.S. city markets.

how we did it

We Relate

We were referred to ATRS from another existing client of ours, initially for the purpose of a “project rescue”. ATRS had a partially built system in concert with a less that optimal technology vendor relationship, and they needed to get the system up-and-running ASAP.


We jumped right in and got everything operational once again. Through multiple in-person discovery sessions with the ATRS team, we learned more about their business needs and identified gaps in the existing system. We then interviewed different stakeholders, and even jumped in the trucks for ride-alongs with the collection drivers.


The result of this exercise was a solid foundation of trust, enormous empathy for their business challenges, and a collaborative and unanimous decision to rebuild the existing system.

We Create

After collaborating to define an MVP, we set out to build two applications: a mobile Android tablet application to aid drivers as they complete their routes and an admin data dashboard application, providing real-time reporting for team managers and office administrators.


This process started off with UI/UX design and a clickable prototype to quickly convey user experience and function of features to all project stakeholders. After approval we began development using a carefully chosen devops pipeline to support a dynamically updated, feature-driven development model. This allowed us to deliver working, tested and demo’able application features each week.


This process allowed for frequent feedback and the ability to quickly adapt to shifting business priorities as new opportunities were uncovered. Once a minimum feature set was reached, we seamlessly transitioned to the new system where we are continuing to iterate on new features.

We Evaluate

ATRS was buried in manual data entry with their processes spread out across disparate platforms and locations. Now, route optimization, management, scheduling, and reporting are all completely integrated into a single application, providing real-time visibility and the power to make immediate, impactful business decisions. Manual data entry, and along with it human error, has been eliminated, saving time and providing the confidence needed for success across all markets.


As part of our evaluation process, we also baked in user analytics to help uncover any points of friction. We continue to evaluate these performance and usage reports, allowing us to make data-driven improvement recommendations.


Through continued partnership with ATRS we’re working together to iterate and develop new features, improving efficiency and innovating as a forward-thinking business.

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