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Creating a Better Tomorrow with Innovative Custom Software

70% of software development projects fail.

Your product doesn’t need to be one of them.

SeeSaw Labs offers candid conversations and real technical advice, not just what you want to hear. Our custom software development team offers the best in strategic solutions and augmentation for healthcare, insurance, and beyond.

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Specialized Services by Industry & Product

We specialize in product design and development projects for industries including healthcare, education, and fintech.

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Powered by 20 Years of Product Expertise

SeeSaw Labs' expert team inspires confidence throughout the project by communicating clearly from the start.

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We Maximize Your Return on Investment

SeeSaw Labs provides strong value on investment and are easy to work with.

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Custom Applications

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Mobile Applications

Custom CRM & Workflow Engines

What Do Founders & CXOs Say About SeeSaw Labs?


We don’t have an internal product team, and SeeSaw has been able to think and innovate for something that started as imaginary. Their ability to put this imagination into a process and create a reality that can be touched has been amazing.

Rather than taking orders, they suggest the best options from their perspective to ensure that the output adds value. Other companies do what we want and then come back and say it didn’t work. SeeSaw gives us advice that we choose to accept or set aside.

Mohamed Elwazer
CEO, linedanceAI


SeeSaw Labs’ work exceeded all of my expectations. They’ve helped us think differently about what it means to define a product, to know what problems to solve, and to understand what a customer needs. When we get into actual development, the success metrics will be around time and budget. In terms of general project evaluation, SeeSaw Labs hit all of their milestones and deliverables on time and with high quality — that in and of itself is great. 

Jane Margolin
President, Hospice Pharmacy Solutions

Our partnership Spans Every Phase of Development







Our Services

UX Research & Design

Discover new users and keep your customers with UX design. In an ever-competitive marketplace, user experience sets your app, website, or software apart from the pack – for better or for worse. SeeSaw Labs creates incredible user experiences through UX design, from our home base right here in Austin, Texas.

Custom Software Development

Custom software development that simply works. Capitalize on growth opportunities, improve user experience, and discover new revenue streams with custom software development, right here in Austin, Texas.


Mobile App Development

Tap into a new business world with mobile app development. Mobile app development means you can keep your customers engaged on-the-go, enhance the user experience, and simplify your business. Located in Austin, Texas, SeeSaw Labs can create a bespoke mobile app for your company.