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We help growing businesses implement technology and execute their strategic vision through flexible contracts and structures. By balancing strategic vision with practical execution, we help our clients save money and maximize returns.

We can’t wait to help you.

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Custom Software Development

Your Team Needs Healthcare Software Development
That Simply Works.

Capitalize on growth opportunities, improve user experience, and discover new revenue streams with custom software development, right here in Austin, Texas.

Mobile App Development

Tap Into A New Business World With Mobile App Development.

Mobile app development means you can keep your customers engaged on-the-go, enhance the user experience, and simplify your business. Located in Austin, Texas, SeeSaw Labs can create a bespoke mobile app for your company.

UX Design

Discover New Users And Keep Your Customers With UX Design

In an ever-competitive marketplace, user experience sets your app, website, or software apart from the pack – for better or for worse. SeeSaw Labs creates incredible user experiences through UX design, from our home base right here in Austin, Texas.

CTO services

Get The Tech Leadership You Need With CTO Services

Today, healthcare and technology are one and the same. It’s critical to have a dedicated technology leader in your organization. SeeSaw Labs can provide fractional CTO services to guide your team, produce results, and save resources.

What SeeSaw Labs Stands For

The best healthcare software development are simple solutions. Thoughtful, well-executed problem-solving can improve the healthcare experience and have a long-lasting impact on people’s lives.

Relationship Driven Development

We must first build relationships with our partners before incredible technology products can be born.

Stay Humble

We believe humility is necessary to grow a culture of learning and curiosity.

Sweat The Details

Little things are big things. Seemingly small details can make big differences.

Stay Open, Honest, and Transparent

Trust builds better relationships, better collaboration, and better engagement, which drive better solutions.

Gather Continuous Feedback

We encourage feedback from everyone, anywhere, at any time.

“Own It”

We encourage everyone to have a voice through shared responsibility and personal ownership.


Automation results in increased quality, consistency, speed-to-market, and lower overall costs of the products we build.

Mind the Metrics

We establish what we are driving toward, gather the appropriate data, and take action based on the results.

Be Adventurous and Creative

To develop the best technology solutions for our customers, we have to try new things, take risks, and be open to new ideas.