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Product Strategy, Product UX & UI Design / Product Development / Interim CPO / React / 2FA / NX / HIPAA Compliant / Azure Cloud Infrastructure


Hospice Pharmacy Solutions, a leading PBM for Hospice care, sought to completely overhaul their customer service experience and existing tooling to minimize medication approval times, decrease medication claim rejections, minimize inbound phone calls and faxes and increase customer’s access to their consulting services to help save their customers money.

We defined, designed, developed and deployed an entire new customer service issue tracking system along with a customer facing version allowing the customers to take some matters into their own hands. Medication approvals are now 5x faster, customer cost per patient is down 15% and HPS can now provide more services with less personnel resources, allowing them to scale more efficiently.

Product Strategy, Product UX & UI Design / Product Development / React Native / JAVA API / Postgres / AWS

Archway Health

Archway is looking to battle ever increasing health insurance costs and diminishing care quality by help foster and promote the self insurance model for large organizations. Their data and algorithms allow them to find the optimized overlap where minimal cost meets the best qualified specialist care. We're helping them navigate what should be in their MVP and helping them with the deploy, feedback, iterate cycle best suited for early stage startup digital products. This application utilizes React Native for both iOS and Android platforms, and consumed a HIPPA compliant JAVA backend API.

Product Strategy / Product UX & UI Design / Prototype Development / Customer research, interviews and feedback

DCE Portal

Archway is looking to develop a platforms that will help ensure the success of the new CMS value-based programs and the direct contracting entities that help primary healthcare providers participate in this new CMS model.

The Direct Contracting Portal is an all-inclusive platform to help DCEs successfully manage their value-based contracts across all of their participating primary care providers.

We worked with Archway Helthcare to define and design their new product concept, and build out an interactive prototype allowing them to solicit feedback from customers and all product stakeholders.

Product Development / Technical project management / PHP / JavaScript / Angular / HTML5 / HIPAA Compliant


Dako helps pathologists and clinicians make accurate diagnoses that help determine the most effective treatment for cancer patients.

We worked with Aligent technologies to build a Dako technology product to help clinicians train and improve their understanding and diagnosis skills.

The result is a highly configurable learning management system, providing a series of Q&A along with actual X-ray imagery to help clinicians learn, practice and improve their diagnostic skills.

Product Development / Technical project management / PHP / JavaScript / Angular / HTML5 / HIPAA Compliant


Hologic is a leading provider of high tech diagnostic systems in Women’s heathcare. One such product is the Trident® Specimen Radiography System. This system revolutionizes breast tissue imaging by incorporating a micro-focused tube, unique specimen image processing algorithms and amorphous selenium direct digital detector.

We partnered with Hologic to help design and develop an online training app and LMS system to help their customers easily learn and navigate the sophisticated Radiography imaging product, allowing them to get the help they need both on-demand and virtually.

Product Strategy / Technical Architecture and Design / Software Development / Product support / AWS / React / Clojure

Diet ID

DietID is on a mission to empower the population to take meaningful steps towards better eating, resulting in improved health, adding years to life and life to years.

Diet ID is a digital toolkit that reinvents dietary assessment and management with an innovative, clinically tested visual approach to optimizing health. Save time, effort, and cost while generating a personalized route to wellness.

We helped DietID launch their MVP product. We worked closely with the team to discover the challenges, define the solutions, design the platform, develop the software and deploy the product. ​