SeeSaw Labs


Hi There. We’re SeeSaw Labs, a Custom Software Development Company in Austin, Texas

You need a simple, elegant solution from a partner who cares about your success. Well, you’ve come to the right place. SeeSaw Labs is a custom software development company in Austin, Texas and we specialize in healthcare, using our expertise to solve big problems and grow your company.

Simply Put: Our Software Development Company Is Built To Grow Your Business

We help growing businesses implement technology and execute their strategic vision through flexible contracts and structures. By balancing strategic vision with practical execution, we help our clients save money and maximize returns.

We can’t wait to help you.

What’s In A Name?

A seesaw is a simple machine. It uses the power of leverage to multiply force and maximize results.

That’s what we do at SeeSaw Labs. We harness our technical and design expertise to build simple, elegant software that achieves major results. At the end of the day, we make your life simpler – and your business better.

We Build Great Tech.

Our team of experts will partner with your business to identify your needs, and how we can make your company better.

Our services include

  • Digital product and experience design & build
  • Strategic Technology Consulting
  • Fractional or Interim CTO/CPO

Our services include

  • Mobile Apps
  • Kiosk Apps
  • Web Apps
  • Communication Apps
  • EMR/EHR integrations
  • E-Prescribe integrations
  • Telehealth integrations
  • Fractional CTO/CPO
  • Buy VS. Build Evaluation
  • Design Sprints
  • Experience and Process Strategy

How We Do It

At Seesaw Labs, we use a process we call the “5 Ds”.


Our process begins with you. We start by understanding your problem and building a mission around your business.


After we understand your needs, we get to work. This begins with prototypes and proofs-of-concept, and we gather feedback from your team.


Now it’s time to dig in. After initial conceptualization, we start engineering and building your software.


Once your solution is ready, it’s time for launch. But that’s only the beginning of our journey. We stick around to maintain and support your product for its entire lifecycle.


We look at the outcome, decide what’s working, and what can be better.

What We Stand For

The best solutions are simple solutions. Thoughtful, well-executed problem-solving can improve the healthcare experience and have a long-lasting impact on people’s lives.

Relationship Driven Development

We must first build relationships with our partners before incredible technology products can be born.

Stay Humble

We believe humility is necessary to grow a culture of learning and curiosity.

Sweat The Details

Little things are big things. Seemingly small details can make big differences.

Stay Open, Honest, and Transparent

Trust builds better relationships, better collaboration, and better engagement, which drive better solutions.

Gather Continuous Feedback

We encourage feedback from everyone, anywhere, at any time.

“Own It”

We encourage everyone to have a voice through shared responsibility and personal ownership.


Automation results in increased quality, consistency, speed-to-market, and lower overall costs of the products we build.

Mind the Metrics

We establish what we are driving toward, gather the appropriate data, and take action based on the results.

Be Adventurous and Creative

To develop the best technology solutions for our customers, we have to try new things, take risks, and be open to new ideas.