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How Leap Motion is Evolving AR Interaction

Author: SeeSaw Labs

We’ve written previously about the future of everyday AR wearables and the how integrating them aesthetically into societal norms is the key to adaptation; however, in the world of commercial applications, this constraint doesn’t necessarily exist.

Instead high levels of functionality are demanded and with it the ability to intuitively interact with the technology in a way that adds real value without being cumbersome.

Leap Motion is leading the charge in the intuitive interaction space. Their first product, an infrared scanner intended to transform your hands into controllers within Virtual Reality. It was honestly impressive, and we’ve enjoyed integrating it into some of our Labs experiments.

Now, Leap Motion is bringing this same hand-tracking technology to AR with their new wearable Project North Star. Though it looks like something straight out of a sci-fi film, North Star is expected to sell for as little as $100 and will bring Leap Motions infrared tracking to the AR wearable. The initial demos of the project look very promising and we’re excited to get our hands on one to experiment with in the Lab.

With Project North Star advancing the world of AR and HTC’s Vive Pro pushing VR to the next level, 2018 is shaping up to be huge LEAP forward for Augmented and Virtual Reality.