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Outsourced healthcare CTO services by SeeSaw Labs help you meet the needs of digital transformation with best-in-class strategy, support, and services.

Why Trust SeeSaw Labs As your New Healthcare cTO?

Industry & Product

Specialized Services for the Healthcare Industry

We specialize in product design, software development, and overall technology strategies for the healthcare industry.

Product Expertise

Powered by 20 Years of Technology Expertise

SeeSaw Labs' expert team inspires confidence with over 2 decades of hands-on healthcare CTO services.

We Maximize Your

We Maximize Your Return on Investment

SeeSaw Labs provides strong value on investment and makes sure to wasted resources and risks to a minimum.

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Outsourcing Tech to Fractional Healthcare CTOs Offer a New Way to Grow

Most early-stage startups are limited in terms of team members and resources. Fractional CTO services offer a cost-effective, collaborative option for bringing tech leadership and experienced team-members to your organization. Whether you’re just launching an idea or bringing a new product to market, SeeSaw Labs can provide the guidance you need.

Your Healthcare Company's Success Hinges On Your Chief Technology Office (CTO)


We provide fractional CTO services that prioritize growth and measurable results.

High-Value CTOs

Fractional CTO staffing is a great way to save resources and still achieve results

Time Savings

Forget about spending weeks or months searching for the perfect candidate.


We have decades of experience, ready to go to work for your team.

Technology Expertise

At SeeSaw Labs, we have our finger on the pulse of modern tech.


Our specialized experience means you get candidates who know your industry.

What Can You Expect from a Healthcare CTO from SeeSaw Labs?

At SeeSaw Labs, we offer agile, growth-oriented leadership and collaboration to help your company tackle tech-related situations. With our more than two decades of experience, we can provide the expertise and support needed to address your organization's technology needs. We work to minimize risks, stay within budget, and achieve performance growth.

Our fractional, consulting CTO services are designed to help guide your company towards staying on the cutting edge of technology and providing consistent value to your customers. By working with us, you can achieve optimal performance results at a fraction of the cost and effort of hiring a full-time, dedicated CTO.

Industry Leading Talent

SeeSaw Labs can provide your organization with top talent to lead and maximize results.

Resource-Saving Implementation

Fractional CTO services allow you to bring in tech leadership without breaking your budget.

Low-Risk Leaders

Our tech leaders are vetted and industry-tested, so you can rest assured: SeeSaw Labs CTO services produce seamless results.

Why SeeSaw Fractional CTO Services?

Traditional staffing agencies and leadership searches are clunky, slow, and difficult.


High-Risk Candidates


Months of Interviews of Onboarding


Poor Culture Fits





How SeeSaw Labs Helps

At SeeSaw Labs, we understand the importance of tech leadership. We know that high-performing leadership can eat up valuable time, money, and other resources. By utilizing SeeSaw Labs for fractional CTO work, you get results for minimal risk and investment.

Staffing that Succeeds

SeeSaw Labs provides top fractional technology leadership who can make an impact fast and create systems for future technology success.

A True Partnership

When your team succeeds, we succeed. That means we’ll be with you every step of the way – from initial consultation to final onboarding.

Flexible Contracts

Every organization has its own unique needs. That’s why our CTO staffing options feature flexible contracts, so you get the help you need – no more, and no less.

Fractional CTO Services Done Right.

Consult and Analyze

Like everything we do at SeeSaw Labs, we begin with you. We’ll meet with you to discuss your company, your situation, and your goals. This allows us to quickly determine the ideal candidate for your organization.

Vet and Validate

Once we understand thoroughly what your CTO needs to accomplish, we begin searching for candidates. We consult a wide pool of available leaders to discover who has the skills you need. SeeSaw Labs partners and works with your company to find your ideal candidate.

Hire and Follow Up

After filling the available role, we’re still right by your side. You’ll always have access to our pool of talent, giving you an unprecedented advantage over your competitors.