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ViroReact’s New Feature is Exactly What We’ve Been Waiting for

Author: SeeSaw Labs

ViroReact is a react based Augmented and Virtual Reality product, allowing for easy native development for both iOS and Android. This is a huge win for developers looking to deliver an experience without all of the bloat that can come from builds using a full game engine like Unreal or Unity.

We’re currently working on a VR project for a client that’s provided us with the opportunity to dive a bit deeper into ViroReact. We’ve been impressed with with just how easy and flexible development with React has been for such a large set of features.


ViroReact Capabilities

Viro offers VR specific features like a 360 degree stereoscopic video player, interactivity options like gaze triggers, and the ability to render objects in real time.

For AR, Viro’s focus has been on surface mapping (ensuring objects stay in one place in the real world), advanced rendering (realtime lighting and shadows), and interactivity (clicking, dragging and dropping objects as well as “portals” allowing you to step into 360 images or videos).

The gaping hole in the solution’s functionality has been image/marker recognition for triggering rendered objects in AR experiences; however, in the latest release, this functionality is now available for both Android and iOS…and it’s looking pretty impressive.


Image Tracking Demos

Viro’s demo projects feature a Black Panther movie poster and the Tesla logo as example image triggers. These demo gifs are entertaining but also provide excellent insight into the sophistication of the technology.

Notice in the Black Panther example how the rendered model remains totally stable as the person walks in front of the poster. This environmental tracking stability is one of the most impressive aspects of the Viro platform, so it’s great to see that it extends to image tracking as well.

In the Tesla example, the user is able to click to choose the color option of the rendered vehicle and is an excellent example of a practical interactive use case.


What This Means for You

Impactful, multi-platform AR and VR experiences have never been within closer reach. Whether you’re looking to add something memorable to your event, show off your product in a novel way, or simply build a tool to aid internal processes, we’re here to help craft the right solution for you, leveraging the latest in cutting-edge technology.